In case you thought the World Cup comment is the most stupid thing that dropped out of the mouths of Fox "pundits", this might top that:



If you wonder, as I do,  that Fox News was so named to suggest it is  "smart as a..." then a visit to Fox.com is in order.  There, in bold face print, are headline after headline revealing the imaginations of the myth-makers who feed us their c*r*a*p every day. The baby name article reports that liberals choose names that begin with "soft-sounding" letters and conservatives choose "hard-sounding" letters. So how does this explain Sean Hannity?  

Does Roger Ailes presume that all of us, whether Fox or MSNBC viewers, are so gullible that we don't mind the intellectual insult?  Apparently so...Roger was a consultant in President Nixon's administration. He wrote a memo a few years ago, the purpose of which was to create a news agency that promoted Republican ideas.  It was lost until found in the Nixon Presidential Library, in which he described today's Fox viewer...gullible, not so bright, easily shaped into the kind of thinker who follows the imbecilic logic of its writers, delivered angrily by its news readers who fire up their discontent.  Boy was he right.  Convince people that their government and, particularly, this President with dark skin are robbing them of what they think they're owed and you have the ingredients for hate. The malcontents willingly listen and watch because they remain blameless in their own failures.

The preposterous logic of Ann Coulter and Dr. A-hole are beyond acceptable.  Soccer is bad for America because it's "foreign?"  Really, Ann, do you not recall that Murdoch, the man who signs your paycheck, is a foreigner who immigrated to America, became a citizen, made and continues to make billions using the talent he's most gifted with: lying.  Find a few loudmouths like you, pay them a few million $$ a year to deliver the c*r*a*p and you're on your way.

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