So many of the issues surrounding us are emotional. There are facts, there are conclusions, there are suggestions for change... and then there are these emotions, which can be enormous.

So how do you write about them?

Lately, I've written a couple diaries about elephant poaching. It's already an emotional topic for me; elephants are special creatures. (They'd make better humans than we do, in a way.)

Many of the conservation organizations I follow have been writing lately about the ties between poaching and terrorism. It's important to follow the trails for many reason, and I want to write that diary, but I find myself a little overwhelmed.

Elephants are further in the news lately because of the UN Environment Assembly meeting in Kenya this week.

So: how do you write about topics that raise deep emotions in you? How did diarists deal with the Trayvon Martin case, the Tea Party and their multitudinous offenses against the people of America... any of that? (Maybe poaching is not a problem on that scale, but we focus on what we can, when we can, I think.)

Any help?

Thank you!

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