I was doing a little investigative hunting this evening, partially because insomnia has kicked in. Seems that the turning point in the national polls for Obama were (and this is approximate) on July 8th of 2013. It was on this day and possibly this week, that he went from net favorable to net negative in almost all polling. Why? Staying marginally favorable, despite the election wind-down and international nonsense, it looked like smooth sailing to 2014 and the upcoming elections.
This was the day that Obama made the monumental error of announcing a delay in the implementation of certain aspects of Obamacare. Instead of talking about the GDP growth of 2.0%, which was the highest it had been in 5 years, and the deficit reduced to pre-2008 levels, the media chose to laser focus in on the delay of the employer mandate of the healthcare law. Republican doomsayers and right wing blogs were on fire. FOXNews was apoplectic. They couldn't decide whether they were happy or sad that employers got a break (after all, they are the employment engines of our economy). Instead of appeasement, they saw it as failure. There was no winning with them. And since, the President has not regained the approval numbers necessary to help Democratic candidates this November. Once again the negative cloud of Republicanism hangs over 2014.
Maybe after the Republicans self immolate with impeachment matches and gerry-cans full of lawsuits, Americans can reward Barack Obama with the positive approval numbers he deserves.

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