Pundits have much to crow about as of late. Dick is back in the news with his blatant denial of responsibility for the Iraq debacle. In Florida you can shoot someone dead and say you were scared as a defense, yet women seeking to enter a clinic without being harassed have no recourse. Most of all everyone is postulating on the 2016 elections and the possibility of another dynasty family taking power.

If we want progressive change to take place we need to mobilize enough votes to take back the House and keep the Senate. The presidency is forever safe given the extremism of the right, yet in order to accomplish anything a total majority (61 senate and 50%+1 in the House) as well as an honest couple in the White House is required.  

It is both unfortunate and true that the majority of the politicians in Congress and those that wish to become President and Vice-President, wish to gain or maintain their positions for two reasons: their own self interest and/or to obstruct and tear down the system of government as we know it.

Along with the turnout needed for the securing of Congress (which can be done), we need a team of candidates that represent common sense, the idea of representing the people, and a progressive science based outlook on policy.

Elizabeth Warren and Angus King.


Democratic dream team

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