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The Ambitious Heart

Omg, idk wtf i'm even doing right now...
My heart is so ambitious, it wants me
To take on projects and challenges me
To be more.  But my head knows better.
It knows that conserving energy is always a smart move.
It says, "Chillax, lean back, spark up a bowl,
And watch some brain dead video...
You'll live longer, get fatter, and be happy!"

 That's because my brain knows that laziness
Is more than just a bad habit, more than a
Philosophy even, it's an unavoidable axiom;
That's built into the very bones of the universe.
The Principle of Least Action is the engine
That makes evolution work; its the compromise
God had to make in order for the universe to
Have both Life and Free Will...

So we all can see and agree that laziness,
Daydreaming and wishful thinking are good things.
They're necessary to our health, well being, and
Eventual success in life.  Sure, some effort is
Necessary sometimes.  After all, least effort is
A principal, not a law...right? But laziness is the
Man behind the curtain, the one we're sposed to
Pay no attention to, the magic that happens while
We're distracted by the dramatic gestures and
Misdirections that life has to offer.  I'm 100%
Certain that laziness is a good thing!  ...but

 Then there's my heart, hammering against
My ribcage and demanding to be set free.
Silly heart, don't you know its a dangerous
World out there?  If i let you out, what makes
You think you won't get trampled by the masses
Of uncaring, under educated people who don't
Know how to love?  What makes you think
The grass is always greener?  Its not, that's
Another fact that i know.  But the heart won't
Listen to reason, because it knows what it knows;
That it wants to be free...
Omg, idk wtf i'm even doing right now...


Self Determination

Ever notice the most important organs
Always come in pairs; lungs, kidneys, and eyes...
The two halves of our brains, connected but separate.
Perhaps our souls are lobed like that;
A back up soul, if you will, in case half of your
Spirit perishes and fades away from some trauma.

Maybe our better angels are balanced by our
Darker ones, and it's up to us to choose which to follow.
It's our responsibility to arrange our own destinies'
And to impose order on our ultimate fates.

I think people hate the idea of evolution cuz it's
So deterministic; it happens over such a long span,
As a result of "random" forces that we don't control.
But that's the wrong way to think of it. We all have
To look at the little stories inside the bigger picture.
And realize we always have choices, always a backup plan.

All education is an adaptation, it helps us to grow.
So ask yourself, are you learning good habits or bad?
Perhaps the universe was built this way....
To encourage the complexity of Consciousness. — at Celestial Plane.

Originally posted to NearlySilentBob on Mon Jun 30, 2014 at 03:52 AM PDT.

Also republished by Rebel Songwriters.


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