This move isn't about liberty, or 'freedomz' and it won't end with contraception*.

It was a decision that will have consequences, but to think that those many consequences are or will be unintentional is underestimating what the current  "conservative justices" have in mind.
 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes that very clear in her dissent where this decision will lead.

We were warned of Citizen United, and the gutting of the VRA. These Justices are exploiting the obstruction in today's republican controlled congress knowing full well that, just as one of many examples, chances were very poor that a new VRA section 4 formula to restore section 5 is possible when the gutted the Voting Rights Act

Or the latest bastardizing of, in citing the RFRA that was designed to protect people not corporations "closely held" or not. Again legislating from the bench with their "interpretion"

Because the base that electorally supports the "conservative movement" of corporate ownership and white privilege is demographically dying this choice and decision is open ended.  Instead of resolving, it is inflammatory.
This courts latest ruling is purposefully creating wedges with full knowledge of future spin-off claims that will come. Divide and conquer not unlike the "southern strategy' re-dux being facilitated by our supreme court.

This Hobby Lobby ruling is a two pronged deception done by a "conservative" activist quintet of corpo shills from the highest court in the land that amounts to a template making way for and darn near guaranteeing future legislating from the bench

Once again re-creating and fortifying the wedges of discrimination, segregation, religious and racial tension to meet their goals of empowering business entities/ corporations with all the unalienable rights made for real persons (and for other purposes)

We Dems can turn this back around though. We really can. We can unite people, all people and refuse to let these RWNJ wedges divide us as a people. Single payer health care for all could do that as a perfect response to this attack directed against women's reproductive rights as the latest angle of attack on us all.

It is my opinion that the vast majority of people are very tolerant of one another's  religions.
That it is the "leaders" including a politically activist right wing supreme court that manufactures differences and then foments disagreements between everyday people.

I've been watching the deep troubles in the middle east, and have heard in many of the reports that there too, the vast majority of the people are innocent people who are not causing this and want to live with their neighbors in peace - this is however just my inexpert opinion on this

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P.S. Wow, that was fast, I just got done putting this together and Joan McCarter is on it, The spin-off is already happening:
Here's that Hobby Lobby slippery slope in action

* footnote: Joan McCarter's piece nails it on contraception - imo - yet it is my belief that this "conservative" activism does not end with an assault on women's reproductive freedom but is aimed further afield too; at securing power, away form a peoples government and delivering that power to corporations.

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