Shout-out to DC/MD/VA Kossacks. There is a rally at the US Capitol I would like you to pay attention to and invite you to participate. Please watch the videos, let it sink in and spread the word. If you will come to the rally kosmail me. Thanks.

Stop Fracked Gas Export - Cove Point and Beyond


This spring, even as the world’s leading scientists released new warnings that we must transition rapidly toward clean energy in the next 15 years to prevent runaway climate change, wealthy oil and gas corporations have been pushing a brand-new radical plan – on President Obama’s watch – to move us in exactly the wrong direction.

That's why, on Sunday, July 13th, as a decisive decision deadline nears in Washington, DC, we’re coming together for the first national rally to say “no!” to fracked gas exports at Cove Point and other proposed sites nationwide

For far too long, President Obama has allowed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to put the interests of the oil and gas industry above our health, safety and climate. FERC has rubber-stamped project after project to expand fracking here and export fracked gas overseas. On Sunday, July 13th, we say enough is enough. We'll come together by the thousands in downtown Washington, D.C. to call for a change of course -- at a critical time.

WHAT: First national rally to stop fracked gas exports at Cove Point and beyond!
WHEN: Sunday, July 13th, 12:30pm - 3:30pm
WHERE: Rally begins west of the U.S. Capitol Reflecting Pool on the National Mall. Meet at the intersection of 3rd St NW and Madison Drive NW, Washington, DC 20216.

May be the fact that Cove Point (and with it the to be built LNG export facility) would be completely erased, if the sea level would rise only 3 to four feet, struck me as the most mind-boggling fact in the above video.  The Third National Climate Assessment (NCA), released May 6th, 2014, projects a sea level rise of 1 to 4 feet by 2100. Now add a little Hurricane and we could have destruction of the plant happening any time within the next couple of decades.

Please watch the videos below. They show and explain everything better than I could express it in words. Thanks.

There are shuttle busses and ride shares available for people from NYC, VA, and PA for the Washington DC rally on July 13th. Check back, because more might be added during the next days.

•Douglassville and King of Prussia, PA
•Lusby and Prince Frederick, MD
•New York City, NY
•Richmond and Charlottesville, VA

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