Record stock market crosses 17,000.....  an increase of 265%...... in 5 years and 4 months.... Who is president?

Today it was announced we have just experienced the fastest job growth in the United States over the first half of the year since 1999.... The first time we've seen five consecutive months of job growth over 200,000 since 1999. And we've seen the quickest drop in unemployment in over 30 years.  Who is president?

For the first time in a life of an 11 year old, there will be more combat ready troops at home spending 4th of July with their families, than taking enemy fire... Who is president?

This 4th of July, there are 3.8 million people with full time satisfactory jobs, (U6) who didn't have one last 4th of July....  Who is president?

This 4th of July, there are 10 million more Americans celebrating America's birthday, who if rushed to the hospital, can answer YES to the question:  Are you covered by health insurance? And who is president?

This is what's real folks... This affects you, every minute, every day.  As real as it gets... All the squabbling over Obamacare and how it was going to bankrupt America?  Oh, yes, they've forgotten they said it... they wanted to take our levels of 4th of July last year, and GO BACKWARDS...  They even shut down the government to save America from itself they said..... Instead we got results like this.....

All the squabbling over Benghazi, Lois Lerner and the IRS, lost emails, children at the border, prisoner swaps, come down to just words...  Just one person's interpretation of a bunch of words in the law, versus another's interpretation of a bunch of words in the law.  In real terms, for all the noise, they don't do anything.  McConnell didn't get these results. Issa didn't get these results.  Boehner didn't get these results.  

No one goes back to work when a Republican talks to a camera.  No one makes a great return on their investment when a Republican talks to a camera...   Our DC centered news media, who for the most part is either cozily married or cocktail buddies to these self centered interviewees,  is partly to blame for featuring nothingness, instead of showing us America is getting better... But wow, check the local media outlets; it's all there. They, who aren't cozy with the Washington establishment, are brimming over with good news.  

But yet, at our feet, right in front of us... here it is, plain for all eyes who will look to see.... This fourth of July, most of America is better off then they were 4 years ago.... or even one year ago, that 4th of July..

This is just so awesome.  Happy 4th, all of you!    Happy 4th, America...   Happy 4th, Obama....

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