This is a crisis we can’t afford to ignore. I feel as if I’m watching as we fly in slow motion on a collision course toward a giant mountain. We can see the crash coming, and yet we’re sitting on our hands rather than altering course.


Quick!  Somebody move that Mountain ...

Or perhaps, somebody can just "move" the path the plane instead?

It would just take a few adjustments of those dashboard direction dials ... now. Before it's too late.

The solution can be a fundamentally conservative one that will empower the marketplace to find the most efficient response. We can do this by putting a price on emissions of carbon dioxide -- a carbon tax. Few in the United States now pay to emit this potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere we all share. Putting a price on emissions will create incentives to develop new, cleaner energy technologies.

It’s true that the United States can’t solve this problem alone. But we’re not going to be able to persuade other big carbon polluters to take the urgent action that’s needed if we’re not doing everything we can do to slow our carbon emissions and mitigate our risks.

The Coming Climate Crash
Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession

by Henry M. Paulson Jr., NYTimes.com --  June 21, 2014

That seems to be the Deniers last defense for 'staying the course' were on:

"Yeah, but what about China and India -- they're the real Carbon-polluting problem."

To which we need to respond:
"We can't expect them to 'clean up their act' -- while we are trashing the place ourselves.

If we will lead, they will follow ... And if we don't, well it's Game Over".


That "Mountain" -- the coming Climate Crash -- is not going anywhere, no matter how stubbornly we try to simply wish-it-away.

The intelligent thing to do, is "change course" of course ... just ask Paulson. He knows a thing or two about sudden impact events.

We have the time to tweak the incentive dials.  Just not enough 'co-pilots' -- yet -- that recognize the very dangerous economic impacts, that they are blissfully steering us into.


The Co-pilot's Oath -- economic or otherwise -- should be:

      First, Do No Harm.    

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