Some news events are so jaw-droppingly unbelievable that I fully expect to see Allen Funt pop out from behind a potted plant, chortling, "You're on Candid Camera!"  (my generation's version of "Punk'd").  Granted, between the disastrous effects of "Citizens United" and the GOP's lurch to the 'Are-They-Kidding?-Actually-No!' rightwing fringe, nothing should surprise me these days.  But 5 white Catholic men have now decided that a business owner's 'sincerely held beliefs' trump not only the law, and not only the beliefs of its employees, but also science (IUDs and the other forms of birth control to which they object actually don't cause abortion) and even their owner's own beliefs (until they objected to Obamacare because it's Obama, Hobby Lobby's insurance plan covered all forms of birth control).  
I will let legal scholars parse out the horrifying consequences of this ludicrous decision (which are not mitigated by Roberts' claim that 'this is a narrow decision').   As a musical satirist, my job is to find humor in the news.  Usually I do that by taking a story to an even crazier extreme - but I don't even need to exaggerate in this case, because the Supreme Court has made it patently clear that in their view, Corporations Are People Now (But Apparently Women Are Not).

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