Did you ever think this day would come? Well, apparently it has.

The great George W. Bush Restoration Project has seemingly begun in earnest.

After years of hiding him away in the attic, the RNC must feel that it is finally safe to bring their greatest embarrassment back out into the open for all the world to see. As polls begin to show an inexplicable public softening for the man whose presidency began with the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil and ended with the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression - with a disastrous, unnecessary war thrown into the mix, just for good measure - the Republican National Committee has decided that stirring those old nostalgia embers is the fastest way to swindle their numb nut followers out of their hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, my next door neighbor has a shirt similar to this one, and every time he's wearing it, I can only look at him from the neck up.

And get a load of this blood-curdling quote found in the Huffington Post:

"President George W. Bush led our nation through some of the most challenging moments of our nation’s history — and we miss him and his leadership," reads a fundraising pitch on the RNC's website. "By sporting this comfortable, classic, American-made tee, you can share our message and help us elect principled conservative leaders to office."
Indeed, I'm afraid we've entered into an era of Bush-revisionism (much like the decades of Reagan-revisionism we've already endured), and that everything that happened prior to January 2009 will be swallowed up in a giant media memory hole. And this t-shirt is just the beginning.

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