Imagine getting up every working day and head to a place that you know will maybe
someday kill you. I told you in my last diary about the great work  virallysuppressed.com
is doing to tell the world about what's happening to miners in West Virginia.

As I was saying, breathing coal dust is not healthy for anyone. Men have worked in mines for years. Many have retired to face not fun, but a long slow death. COPD and other similar diseases take time to kill you. I have told the story about my own uncle
who had to stand by his car while his birthday party was being held inside our house.
He could not climb 3 small steps. I was with him when he died, he was in agony. He
could not breathe.

At least the miners had pensions and health benefits to  ease the stress. Not so fast,
due to perfectly legal actions, the company these folks worked for, lost their benefits.

Magnum Coal found a way to sell the company to some new corporation.

Why would Peabody Coal buy a corporation that had thousands of miners to care for.
Pensions, medical expenses are very expensive Many of the new folks
in this new corporation knew full well that bankruptcy would free them of this pesky
promise to care for the thousands of workers who had given them their lives.

The new company was right, a bankruptcy court judge freed them of backing the

Let's review, A corporation can give money for causes it cares about, it is
a person so certain birth control pills don't have to be paid for if the company
chooses not to, soon ALL birth control pills wont be covered by some companies.

Now a corporation can take away your pension, and make you die sooner, Please
read the link I supplied to read about the whole story.
Continue reading under the fold.

This tragedy should outrage all of us. I make no claim to be a good writer. I do say
I can sell and be a pain in the butt if I have to be.

We claim to be on the "good" side of programs  that help people.
Now we must prove it.

It's not okay to let this happen.
I want a fight.

-Don't agonize,
-Florence Kennedy


Originally posted to Vet 65 on Sun Jul 06, 2014 at 08:56 PM PDT.

Also republished by Hellraisers Journal and In Support of Labor and Unions.

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