How many people in your area would get a raise if the minimum wage went up to $10.10?
While, on average, 19 percent of workers overall would be affected by a minimum wage increase, every region of the country has Congressional districts where more than one in every four workers (25 percent) would get a raise. The Southeast and Southwest include a larger number of the districts most affected; but New York, the Midwest, and urban and rural parts of California feature districts with high percentages.[...]

The districts with the highest percentages of workers who would benefit from a higher minimum wage are remarkably diverse, from highly condensed urban to poor rural areas.
At the top is East Los Angeles (CA-40, at 31.8 percent). Next is the largely rural south coastal district in Texas’s 34th (29.9 percent). The dynamic of both poor rural and urban areas continues with another district in metro Los Angeles (CA-34), as well as districts in Dallas-Fort Worth and El Paso (TX-33 and TX-16), the Bronx in New York City (NY-15), the San Joaquin Valley of California (CA-21 and CA-16), the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas (AR-4), and the Missouri Bootheel (MO-8).

According to Oxfam America, 25 million people would benefit from a $10.10 minimum wage; 55 percent would be women. And "Although the benefits would be shared by workers living in districts held by Democrats and Republicans alike, a slightly larger proportion of workers in Republican-held districts would benefit." Not that those are the constituents Republicans care about.

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