Recently I did a search for great American sex symbols for a video project. Jane Fonda's image came up several times. When I searched her name, an entire selection box for Hanoi Jane Urinal Targets came up. A subsequent search for that item gave a supplier and a price, $12.49. Wow! I thought. Forty Two years after being manipulated into sitting on a WWII vintage piece of crap anti-aircraft gun for propoganda and they still hate her guts for it.

Who are they?

They are those who still believe that might makes right. If you want something, you use your fists and guns to take it by force. Right is not determined by logic and reason, it is determined by association, by creed. They are more than just the Tea Party. They are largely those who worship the power of "the Cock."  And, they feel threatened by Lady Jayne now more than ever.

Jane Fonda is a reminder of the simple fact that intellect always wins out over brute force. Without the moral high ground, guns only galvanize an enemy, and our enemies most often exist because of a failure to reason and see the big picture. Morality itself is always in question and cannot be wholly owned by any of us. Maybe that's why Michael Isikoff and David Corn called their book "Hubris." Because humility is an absolute necessity if you want to hold the moral high ground. Without that moral high ground, the war you choose will probably be unjust and perhaps unwinnable.  This is the big lesson we learned from Vietnam that kept us out of bad conflicts all the way up until Dick and W's Iraq War.

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. And one thing is for sure, if the Urinal Target bearing your name still sells, you are most certainly still relevant. Like her or not, Jane Fonda had more guts than most of her detractors. And, she changed the world more than most of them could ever have imagined for the better.  


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Words that seem to ring true, to me anyway.

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