We watched the 1992 movie "Rain Without Thunder" last weekend.  It was one of the most frightening things I have ever seen.

There were no explosions, no gory body parts, no Satanists sacrificing virgins.  It is a fictional documentary about the conviction of a well-to-do white woman and her mother for the crime of 'fetal murder'.

These two women are the test case for the new part of the law, which makes it a crime to 'kidnap' a fetus and take it to another country where abortion is legal, thus closing the loophole where well-off women go somewhere else to terminate their pregnancies.

The most frightening part (to me) is the interview with the priest who is describing how the Church's change to accept 'barrier methods' of birth control was hailed as a breakthrough for women, but framed the foundation for restricting all other kinds of birth control.

The most unrealistic part was the prison for the mothers, as it was in a very nice setting and had poor people in it.

Just like the "Handmaid's Tale" this movie offers a very bleak look at the future.  Interestingly enough, the women's rights group in the movie, is called the Attwood Society, presumably after the author of that book.

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