I must be a horrible curmudgeon.  Everyone is slobbering over Bill Clinton, and I think he is a charming snake oil salesman.  Having him near the White House again is my only real concern about supporting Hillary.

Think about it.  He is charming; he is eloquent; he seems empathetic; he is way smart; he is way unprincipled; he pursues his political goals with all the moral niceties of a rabid rat; he has only bad judgement where his zipper is concerned.

In Arkansas, he signed off on the execution of clearly mentally deficient convicts so as not to smudge his law and order record; As Pres, he gave us a booming economy that his financial "innovation" (derivates, etc) transformed into a booming recession. He signed the DOMA.  He screwed up national health care reform so badly it was on life support. His Omnibus crime bill widely expanded the death penalty. He gave us "don't ask, don't tell."  He signed about 180 pardons and commutation on his last day in office (brave show there, Bill). He signed the 1998 bill supporting "regime change" in Iraq -- sound familiar?  He played his role in "the war that knows no end and no boundaries" with cruise missile attacks in he Sudan and Afghanistan.  He signed the bill reducing legal immigration by almost half.  He wasted his entire second term defending his philandering and parsing of the sentences.  It was pretty much nothing else.

In 8 years, he and Hillary made maybe 100 million dollars after leaving White House--you do not get that kind of money without rubbing elbows with some shady characters (populist streak showing here).  

Now, folks can list all the wonderful things he did and has done.  They are right.  He has done some very good stuff, especially as a fat-cat philanthropist. As a "first dude,"  I am not so confident he will be a real asset.

Okay, a lot of this scree may be like the old Job joke, which I paraphrase here --- Texican, doest though revile me?  Bunch of reasons, but it may be that there is something about the Slick Willie part of you that just pisses me off and makes me trust you, as a politician, about as far as I can throw Chis Christie."

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