As I have noted here before, my wife identifies as a conservative (though not like the folk who use that term today — she wonders when the definition of conservative began to include wingnuttery).

She finally got sick of all the calls to "impeach President Obama" and wrote a blistering critique of that issue there. (She claims she got a lot of "atta girls" over her post at RedState).

Her thoughts on impeaching the President below the copper IUD.

From my wife Beth - who read the Constitution, rather than wrapped herself in it.

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I've been hearing "impeach Obama" and "Obama broke the law" now for 5 years. So far, the US House of Representatives, to whom the US Constitution gives the only organization with the ability to draw up Articles of Impeachment, have come up with nothing. Either Obama has broken no laws, or the representatives that WE elected are derelict in their duties, should be impeached, recalled, voted out of office, and PROSECUTED.

This isn't even a Republican/Democrat thing. The Democrats had a majority in the House - where Articles of Impeachment must originate, now Republicans have a majority in the House. I must conclude that NOBODY of EITHER party is interested in drawing up such articles.

PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. If you insist on "Impeach" and "Obama broke the law", write out just WHAT laws were broken, when they were broken, and vote on impeachment. Then the Senate will vote on whether or not to convict him of those crimes, as per the US Constitution.

Until that is done, I have to think that it's a lot of hot air, and that the Congress does not want to do the job for which they were elected, and by ignoring such breaches of the Law by the President THEY are breaking the law - perhaps in a conspiracy.


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