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Whats up with this ?????


"Me thinks that corrupt Governments are corrupt and can be bribed to do things..."

Top story line Question before continuing: What group In the United States would stand to benefit from a border surge of illegals and might be tempted to toss massive amounts of "Dark-money" to our southern neighbors ??

"Earlier this week, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina held a joint press conference to formally announce a new program that will allow Guatemalan citizens to legally travel through Mexico in their effort to enter the United States illegally. Guatemala is one of three sending countries accounting for most of the illegal aliens coming across the U.S.-Mexico border during the ongoing surge. The agreement grants Guatemalans 72 hours of legal status with a Regional Vistior's Card and even providing emergency medical care  while they make their journey to illegally enter the U.S." according to El Universal

The current chaos on the border which the Obama administration has sympathetically  characterized as a "humanitarian crisis" only exists due to collusion between the governments of Mexico, Guatemala and likely some other unknown forces within United States.

So the illegal immigration border surge crisis that the Right has been so Outraged about the last few weeks has all the earmarks of yet another 'manufactured crisis' and we all know what group in the United States has a certain expertise in that. They also are in a panic for a issue to use in building a Hispanic voter base..

There is much more to this article than meets the eye when you read the full story....

There currently seems to be a Main stream media Blackout on with this story, so let's help get it out there folks, this is breaking news. It may eventually end up being the Damning evidence to hand the Right-wing a "Fast and Furious" Story of their own.

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