I can't believe the Ramones have all died. I wish I could say that i was among the first to discover them. First time I heard them I was going to DeVry in Phoenix from 80-83. Great music scene in Phoenix. Everybody was tired of the Floyd/Yes/ELP vomit that was so appealing 5 years before. MTV was starting but didn't play the Ramones. My roommate liked the Ramones and George Thorogood who I hadn't heard of either. I never got to see the Ramones. I don't think they played in Phoenix the whole time I was there. I saw Elvis Costello, the Stray Cats, and lots of Phoenix punk bands. The band I remember best was the Urge. They even asked for requests from the audience.

Long Live the Ramones

Sorry to see you go Tommy. Thanks for all the fun.

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