As you may know, some cable companies carry Al Jazeera America. This is a version made safe for American audiences to protect them from the extremism on Al Jazeera English that the rest of the world sees. You cannot even access the original as the site is now geo-blocked to the USA under the agreement setting up AJA.

In the UK Al Jazeera English is available free to air on terrestrial TV. In the main population centers served by prime transmitters, the HD alernative and Al Jazeera Arabic are available. So I thought you might like to see how the midnight GMT news tonight covered the situation in Gaza and Israel. The video shows the entire top of the hour segment.

I should warn that some scenes are, by necessity, distressing although images of a dead child have been blurred out.  There is a segment starting at about 7:20 showing the Israeli "knock on the roof" technique. Take note of the window of the house to the right and the person being helped out of the window just as the second bomb hits.

Apologies for the bad framing at the start and about 10 seconds of dubious focus which means the ticker is difficult to read.

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