Just finished watching the 85th Major League Baseball All-Star Game, played at Target Field in Minneapolis. The final score was American League 5; National League 3--so I'm not a happy baseball camper (being a hyper-SF Giants fan.)  But I'm more sad about a NY Times article today mulling over a development not news to me, but sad nonetheless: the decline in popularity of the annual ASG.


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The Times article focuses on the decline of interest in the All-Star Game broadcast itself, not Major League Baseball as a whole, but I'm fully aware that baseball was de-throned as most popular team sport in the US a while ago.  And maybe that's OK.  But gee I love this sport! Basically I have 3 major complaints with it: 1) No women allowed (yet) in MLB (BOO!!); 2) Only emerging LGBT awareness and acceptance (but a little progress); and 3) All that spitting. Yeeeccchhhh.

All in all, a flawed sport, but who among us hasn't been in love with something/someone flawed?

Now, how are you IAN folks doing?  

(Apologies to Caedy if I have stepped on the regularly-scheduled Diary.  Just didn't see it by 11:15 PM PDT.)

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