Just wondering, because if you take the number of guns per 100 people (the number for the United States is an astounding 97) and look at the number of gun deaths per 100,000, it looks remarkably like more guns equals more gun deaths.

Still, I know this cannot be so, as guns are defensive weapons, and an armed society is a polite society, and freedom. So I'm sure there must be some point where adding more guns makes the rate of gun deaths go down, only... hmm. Even Switzerland, the most pointed at "everyone has to have a gun there and they don't shoot each other" country known to Fox News, doesn't look so shiny by the numbers. It actually has a rate of gun ownership less than half that in the United States, and for having the highest rate of gun ownership in Europe they are rewarded with (drum roll, please) the highest rate of gun deaths in Europe.

For the mathematically inclined among you, the statistical correlation between rate of gun ownership in the countries listed, and the rate of gun deaths, is greater than 95%  But hey, I know there must be a point where it turns around. Or maybe we need bigger guns. That's probably it.

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