The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, voter education focused organization. It was created 94 years ago, when women gained the right to vote, for the purpose of educating the new electorate about the issues of the day. We do NOT endorse candidates but we do take positions on issues that we believe are in the public interest, such as voting rights, the environment and climate change, education, reproductive freedom, criminal and juvenile justice and public safety including gun safety. Those positions are based on extensive studies and in-depth discussion by our diverse members.

The League has long been a supporter of common sense measures to increase public safety while still respecting the right of law abiding citizens to own guns. The League has recommended a "YES" vote on I-594 and has joined the coalition campaigning in favor of I-594, which closes the background check loophole for private gun sales. This measure tries to keep guns out of the hands of those people who should not have them, such as felons, those convicted of domestic abuse or the mentally ill. Conversely, this measure would have a minimal impact on the right of law abiding citizens to purchase guns.

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As a result of the Seattle LWV's support of I 594:

The League of Women Voters has long been engaged in gun violence prevention education and advocacy. Most recently, the League took a position in favor of Initiative 594, a measure to close loopholes in our state's background check law which is headed for the November ballot.

Sometime between Thursday evening, July 3, and Saturday morning, July 5, a person or persons left the shot-up target at a doorstop outside the Seattle-King County League offices. "The League of Women Voters is committed to finding common ground on issues of gun safety so we can work as one community to reduce gun violence in our state," said Ellen Barton, President of LWVS-KC. "This apparent attempt to intimidate us will not dissuade us from our work. The League of Women Voters will continue to be a forum for dialogue, research and education on gun laws and gun violence, and we look forward to reasonable, robust dialogue in the months ahead."

I 594, sponsored by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility :
Initiative 594, which is sponsored by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, ensures that guns sold in Washington State go through the same background check, no matter where the gun is being bought or whom it is being bought from. It closes the loophole in Washington law that allows convicted felons, domestic abusers, and the seriously mentally ill to purchase guns at gun shows or online with no questions asked. Background checks are effective at reducing crime and saving lives; states with background checks on all handgun sales see 39% fewer handgun murders of law enforcement officers and 38% fewer handgun murders of women by intimate partners. Initiative 594 uses the same system of criminal background checks that has worked well for hunters, gun owners, gun dealers and law enforcement for decades.
The incident was reported to the Seattle Police Department which has an open file on the case, Incident #14-217775, if anyone has any leads.

LWV ain't backing down.

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