Tonight's guests are Jerry Seinfeld on The Daily Show and Mayor Bill de Blasio on The Colbert Report.

Jerry Seinfeld is a stand up comedian best known for his sitcom Seinfeld which celebrated its 25 anniversary July 5.  While the entire show is extraordinarily quotable, I think the following clip expresses modern politics succinctly.

Seinfeld's current project is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and he recently started modeling

Jerry Seinfeld has made his modeling debut.

Gone are the days of white sneakers and stonewashed jeans. Seinfeld, 60, has traded up, now sporting Rag & Bone’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.
Jerry Seinfeld Makes Modeling Debut

He is also out on tour (he will be in my neighborhood July 26 but I won't be going at these prices $99.95, $129.70 or $172.75.)

Bill de Blasio is mayor of New York City. Colbert is more confrontational than Jon, so he may ask the mayor about the "controversy" of him going on vacation in Italy while the Long Island Railroad threatens to strike.  Apparently this is a huge deal.

The city's tabloid newspaper front pages next week are easy to imagine: a photo of a nightmarish traffic jam caused by a strike at the nation's largest commuter railroad juxtaposed with a shot of Mayor Bill de Blasio sunning on an Italian beach.

Despite the potentially damaging political optics, the Democratic mayor appears set on embarking Friday on a 10-day Italian vacation in the face of a looming Long Island Rail Road strike, which if it happens Sunday could paralyze portions of the nation's largest city. The mayor had said he would return from his trip if a crisis arose but signaled this week that he believed his team could manage without him.
Bill de Blasio's plan for LIRR strike? I'm outta here

De Blasio also weighed in on the detention of Jose Antonio Vargas
“I stand in solidarity with journalist and advocate Jose Antonio Vargas—an exemplary man whose tireless work has helped raise awareness around the lives of millions of undocumented immigrants living on American soil,” the mayor said in the statement. “Jose Antonio’s detainment today at a Texas airport, close to where he was working to document the plight of refugees, shows how our immigrant enforcement agencies are failing to use their discretion and detaining long-time immigrants who do not pose a threat to our security.

“Jose Antonio has spent most of his life in the United States, he was educated by American schools, went on to receive a Pulitzer Prize while working as a journalist at the Washington Post, and eventually disclosed his undocumented status to advocate for a much-needed debate around citizenship. He exemplifies what America is about,” the statement continued.
De Blasio Defends Journalist Detained By U.S. Border Patrol In Texas

Vargas was released
In a terse statement, Department of Homeland Security officials said they had released Mr. Vargas because he had no prior immigration or criminal record. They said their focus was on deporting immigrants who posed security threats.
Immigration Advocate, Detained on Texas Border, Is Released in Visa Case

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