In case you missed it, Rick Scott went into "automaton mode" when he got caught breaking Florida Campaign Laws recently. Somehow his non-answers just 'did not compute' ...

Rick Scott:  The Man With No Answers

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Voters and press alike are growing pretty sick of Rick Scott's utter refusal to answer questions. Ask him anything he doesn't feel like responding to, and he'll just give you the same canned talking point again and again. And again.

In court, Rick Scott may get away with pleading the fifth, but on the campaign trail, it just won't cut it. Scott still hasn't explained why he improperly used on-duty police officers as campaign props, and he doesn't seem eager to clarify any time soon.

And this Florida Reporter has got Rick Scott's melt-down number ...

Rick Scott and Star Trek

by Brian E. Crowley, Crowley Political Report -- 07/16/2014

Sometimes you wonder if Florida Governor Rick Scott believes he will self-distruct if he actually answers a question that is asked of him. Perhaps, as a kid, Scott was haunted by an early episode of the Star Trek series.

Captain Kirk was trying to defeat a human-looking computer named "Norman" by confusing it.

KIRK: "Everything Harry Mudd tells you is a lie. Remember that! Everything Mudd  tells you is a lie!"

MUDD: "Now listen to this carefully, Norman: I AM LYING!"

NORMAN: "You say you are lying, but if everything you say is a lie then you are telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth because everything you say is a lie, but... you lie, you tell the truth, but you cannot for you ... Illogical! Illogical! Please explain! You are Human! Only Humans can explain their behavior! Please explain!"

Norman than blows all his circuits.
Like Norman, like Scott.

Who knew that devious impossible logical conundrums, were their Achilles Heel?

(They certainly don't.)

And this CNN Reporter wants to know ...

'What The Hell' Rick Scott Is Talking About ???'

Anderson Cooper Wants To Know 'What The Hell' Rick Scott Is Talking About (with Video)

by Katherine Fung, huffingtonpost.com -- 07/16/2014

It was just a "bite-sized brouhaha," Cooper said, but Scott's refusal to answer questions about the incident was what landed him on Tuesday night's "RidicuList." Instead of actually answering the questions, Scott repeatedly said that he is "proud" that 40 sheriffs have endorsed him and that he is "appreciative" of the support from law enforcement.

What these logic-seeking Reporters are forgetting is that ...

Republicans don't have to make sense -- they just have to 'Lie like a Rug' ... and hope like hell, that no one tries to beat them.

And perhaps, that they don't blow a fuse in the process -- in their non-answer, stuck-on-repeat, you-look-ridiculous, process.

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