Made it here to Detroit in good order. Miraculous considering my back.

The hot bath easing my screaming back apparently has to wait until I get back to Portland on Sunday though.

I have an arrangement with someone that desires to remain anonymous and they cover my travel and room.

I thought that was what would happen this time. I strongly suspect the benefactor thought the same.

But noooooo....

The Marriott wants a method of payment. The room is already paid for but apparently Marriott forgot or something. So I'm stuck in Detroit.

With no room and no way to get ahold of the person I need to.

My life...

Tomservo has let me crash in his room. He was going to pay for the room until things got straightened out. But the Marriott in their benevolence decided my room would have to be paid all up front on his credit card. Not on check out day like other guests. So instead of settling in...

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