Welcome, Sunday Puzzlers! For your consideration below is a new JulieCrostic using the usual rules, which newcomers can find described in this warm-up puzzle. the site has been up and down today, and I'm separately having tremendous connection problems on two different browsers using two different routers. If I'm not participating, that's the reason, and I will check in when I can as the problems come and go. Meantime, don't take non-recs as signifying anything!

Hope to see you in the comments...

  1.    align
  2.    harsh
  3.    head critics off at the pass
  4.    for Howard Stern groupies, it always seems just over the horizon
  5.    bitch and moan
  6.    fitting name for a Republican senator
  7.    sonic server
  8.    one might steal an eagle and cook its eggs
  9.    Berkeley county area
10.    Garfield, e.g.
11.    WWN Gore endorser who inspired a musical
12.    nautical tether
13.    sentry command
14.    fasten
15.    a frame hut
16.    kind of acid ester
17.    ryan whitman
18.    unseen pollutant stressing you right now! (supposedly)
19.    expedient garden additions
20.    fish rumor
21.    battery parking place
22.    they shoulder the load
23.    one of these (plural) helps a man grow into tomorrow
24.    toothy decorations
25.    Klan nemesis
26.    Macnee's avenger
27.    how weiner whiffed
28.    dries out
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