In spite of their own poor record for fabrication, Republicans are calling out Obama and Democrats for lying.  There are even bumper stickers.  You can choose from the classic "Joe Wilson is still right," to the more contemporary "Keep your doctor, dump your Democrat," or the simple, but to the point "Obama Lies."

You might assume these righteous finger pointers must have a pretty darned spotless record for truth-telling, right?   Uh, no. George Mason University recently studied the political "lying" phenomenon and confirmed what Democrats have been saying for years: Republicans politicians lie more often than Democrats do.  According to this study, about three times as much.

Lying politicians used to be held to account by their own party and the media, but no more.  In post-Fox News America, the prevaricators reign supreme.  Take, for example, Sarah "Death Panels" Palin.  As a contributor to Fox News, she is paid handsomely, even though her dire claims about Obamacare were false.  Dick "WMDs" Cheney, has a platform to share his thoughts on national security, though his "intelligence" leading to war with Iraq was just stuff he made up.  Donald "Birther" Trump is such an outrageous liar that, with the hair, he reaches a level of artistry that few, perhaps only, Herman "woman number 5" Cain, can approach.   Both are doing very, very well, thank you.

For some time now, thanks to a pandering conservative media, politicians on the right have had a friendly 24/7 outlet to repeat falsehoods without challenge.   Dubya's joke, "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on," is now the key strategy of a Republican Party who soon may control both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court.

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