U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laughs before delivering remarks on American leadership at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington January 31, 2013. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas
Republican Sen. Marco Rubio—still pretending that he's not sure if he's running for president in 2016—had this to say during a recent interview:
Rubio, who is 43, said his continuing career in public service is motivated by the nation being at a "generational, transformational crossroads." He dismissed Clinton as being on the wrong side of those particular tracks.

"I just think she's a 20th century candidate," he said. "I think she does not offer an agenda for moving America forward in the 21st century, at least not up till now."

Well, sure. Rubio opposes marriage equality, opposes equal pay for women, opposes allowing women to make their own health care decisions, opposes paying workers a living wage, opposes immigration reform ... the list of issues where Rubio is on the wrong side of history goes on and on. But he's the guy for a generational, transformational change. Assuming you're talking about a transformation back to the 19th century anyway.

(We'll just ignore Rubio's less-than-subtle dig at Hillary's age.)

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