I like golf...I watch it every week whether it is the PGA, the European Tour, Web.com, the Champions tour or the LPGA. I watch all 4 days of coverage Thursday-Sunday of 2 or three tournaments.  The Golf Channel and MSNBC are my go to channels on the dial.  

I'm not watching the European Tour this week because they are playing in Moscow, Russia.  Just like the Sochi Olympics, I think it is wrong for us to pretend that all is well when a country with a terrorist dictator hosts major sporting events.

I sent an email to the Golf Channel saying that.  The Golf channel is owned by NBC Universal and shouldn't it be their business as it is all of our business to tell the Monster of Moscow that it is not okay to invade your neighbors and shoot civilian airliners out of the sky and then host a Golf Tournament?

I love the Golf Channel but please join me in not watching the European Tour event The Russia Open this week

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