A speech on the Senate floor today to address the current Central American refugee crisis.

This is a hair raising speech appealing for compassion from the American people.

Deepen your understanding on this issue so that you can make the case for compassion and radical change of our foreign policies South of our border. The crises of refugees on the border is a story told all over the world and our country is not unique.  The causes of refugee migrations are well known; Those causes are profit seeking by war profiteers, population pressure, gross wealth inequality and genocide of indigenous populations. Religion and patriotism provide the veneer.  
Our federal effort must change to methods for stabilization of countries rather than disruption.  Observe the most stable populations on the planet and emulate.  I think of Scandinavia.  While many say that ideal conditions can only exist in homogenuos populations, this does not have to be the case as we continue to evolve above racism.

Heinrich Addresses Central American Refugee Crisis

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