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Tennessee holds its primary tonight, and our guide to the key races can be found here. Polls close 8 PM ET and we'll be bringing you the results as they come in. You can keep track of the winners below.
Results: AP

5:06 PM PT: TN-Sen: Via the Tennessee Department of State, about 16,000 votes are in and they show Sen. Lamar Alexander narrowly leading state Rep. Joe Carr 48-47. Most of these votes appear to be from the Nashville area, where Carr is from. It would be a major shock if these results held up, but it's very early.

5:11 PM PT: TN-Sen: About 20,000 votes in and Alexander continues to edge up. He now leads Carr 49-43.

5:19 PM PT: TN-04: About 8,000 votes in, and scandal-tarred Rep. Scott DesJarlais leads state Sen. Jim Tracy 45-44. The good news for Tracy is that a good chunk of his base, including big Rutherford County, isn't in.

5:23 PM PT: TN-04: Via Greg Giroux Rutherford is displaying results and they aren't good for the incumbent. The county is currently backing Tracy 59-35. If Tracy is hanging in without the support of this huge and friendly county, he's definitely in the driver's seat here.  

5:26 PM PT: TN-Sen: Lamar! continues to head in the right direction. He now leads 52-39 in the statewide total. This doesn't factor in Rutherford where Carr leads 59-39, but it doesn't look like enough.

5:30 PM PT (Taniel): TN-03: It's starting out tight between Rep. Fleischmann and his challenger Weston Wamp. With about 23,000 votes already counted, Fleishmann has an advantage of about 450 votes.

5:30 PM PT: The SoS site has crashed. Luckily, the AP has finally caught up.

5:35 PM PT: TN-04:

Tracy up 59-35% in Rutherford & 56-31% in Bradley early.  2 biggest sources of R votes in #tn04; cast 44% of all votes in '12 #tn04 primary

5:47 PM PT: TN-Sen: Alexander currently leads statewide 53-38. Carr is showing strength in the Nashville area, taking Rutherford 59-39. But while Lamar's 50-45 advantage in Nashville's Davidson County isn't overwhelming, it's keeping Carr from running up the score in the areas he needs.

5:53 PM PT (Taniel): TN-03: Things are moving slowly here. With about 28,000 ballots counted, Rep. Fleishmann's lead stands at 700 votes. In Hamilton County, where both candidates are from, the incumbent's lead is a more 110 votes.

5:54 PM PT: TN-Sen: More votes are in, but Alexander is still up 53-38. Alexander is doing well in most counties, with him taking 70 percent so far in Hamilton. The senator seems set for an unimpressive win, but a win nonetheless.

5:56 PM PT: The liveblog continues here.

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