The latest opinion piece from FoxNews.com on recent news concerning Gaza is "Winging it in the Middle East", by Tammy Bruce.  The "winging" piece discusses the FAA's ban on flights to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

The Fox writer begins claiming that

This week, a terrorist group tried to shut down Israel’s airport, and couldn’t. So President Obama stepped in and did it for them.
And the Fox writer continues,
the flight ban had nothing to do with flight security, and everything to do with a thuggish and petty attempt by the Obama administration to intimidate Israel into a cease-fire deal.

The writer approvingly quotes Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz's criticism of Pres. Obama:

Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, also expresses concern about Mr. Obama’s attitude toward the Jewish state and the intention of the ban. He told Fox News, “Yesterday, we saw the FAA make an unprecedented decision to ban all air travel to the nation of Israel. And I’ve asked today the very simple question: Did President Obama just unilaterally launch economic boycotts on the nation of Israel … ?

This decision by the FAA raises serious questions. Was this a political decision? Was it driven by the White House? Was it driven by the State Department?” asked Mr. Cruz.

The Fox writer continues, claiming that Obama has "harmed Israel and provided Hamas with at least a psychological victory".  

The piece ends arguing that Obama supports Hamas and is threatening Israel's existence:

Yet the Obama administration is intervening decisively in only one international crisis: by threatening the besieged Jewish nation with an economic boycott via a flight ban, which also happens to assist the goals of the Islamist terrorists committed to Israel’s destruction.

It’s time we ask Mr. Obama and his administration sycophants: Why?

The comments section for the article is filled with typical wingnut views, for example:
It seems that with every new incident of violence in the mid-East, 0bama's upbringing in a Shi'ia madrassa in Indonesia his pro Islamic attitudes comes bubbling to the surface! His "leading from behind in Libya and Syria created vacuums that his Islamic mentors immediately filled... It is as though it was a planned episode!
If the U.S. President wants to show the world that he is "truly" a friend of Israel and Palestinian/Gaza folks, he would call for the complete obliteration of "deadly forces" under Hamas control, to make peace possible in not only Gaza, but in the West Bank as well.  With the absence of "armed forces" and means to "wage war", surely there would not be "war".  Israel isn't launching rockets blindly around the country side in Gaza.  it is the other way around.....
Netanyahu was good and cheesed off about this, and so he should be.  This administration has no qualms about kicking the Israelis in the teeth in the middle of a crisis, nor does the corrupt, inefficient anti=semitic and hypocritical anachronism that calls itself the United Nations.
In sum, Fox News promotes its rightwing agenda to delegitimize President Obama by denouncing him as someone who advances Hamas's goals and who assists Islamist terrorism, saying he is not "sympathetic" to Israel.
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