It could happen. There are days when I feel I am getting close. But I pull back. I do not want to be like them. Hell, no.

But, if liberals became truly angry, would it be such a bad thing?

There is a lot to be angry about and anger does not seem to be a detriment to the rightwing cause.

The press really is against us. This is not paranoia or “playing the refs” like the other side does. In our case, it is true. Ever watch a Sunday morning network show, like “Meet the Press”?  When is the last time that someone who supports labor unions or opposes so-called “free trade” was even allowed to speak on one of these shows? And if one does accidently get booked, they are not allowed to speak very much; their voices are drowned out (literally) by the other five shouting heads at the table. The news media pretends there are two equal sides to every story, even when there is not, unless one of those sides is the liberal one. Unions? Forget it. “Free Trade”? There is no other side, according to them. Press bias against liberals? I never even heard that one discussed. Oh, and the “both sides do it and are equally to blame” meme, there is no other side. Do not even suggest that Republicans are obstructionist. They would not only shout you down, they would probably beat you up. This is a story that they will not report.

We have every right to be angry. Many of us are. But we are not permitted to show it.

I call myself a liberal, but I am not sure that I really am. I mean, my positions are reasonable and most are supported by the majority of the American people. Does that make me a moderate? Maybe. The nut cases have moved the goalposts so far that Ronald Reagan would be left of center to those jerks.

I wish that I could vote, just once in my life, for a candidate for President who was MORE liberal that me. I never have had that opportunity.

Yes, I am pissed. I am pissed at the Supreme Court. I am pissed at the House of Representatives. I am pissed at the Tea Party. And speaking of pissing, I would like the Republican Party to die so that I could piss on the grave. I will bring the keg and tap, if anyone wants to join me.  

Here is a dirty little secret. Opinion polls survey likely voters. There is good reason for this. They try to be predictive. Still, they rarely report non-selective polls, of all Americans. They should. Often. Because if all eligible voters exercised their franchise, the election results would be a hell of lot different. The Republican Party would disappear. And deservedly so.

Yes, I am angry. Folks like me, we should be permitted to be angry, once in awhile.

What in the hell has happened to this country?

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