Ten people are confirmed dead. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports that most were children. The IDF launched separate attacks on the Shifa Hospital, the main hospital in Gaza City, as well as a park next to the Hospital. Witnesses report that an Israeli drone hit the Outpatient Clinic for the Hospital

The IDF claimed that it was not responsible for the attack on the Hospital unsurprisingly blaming it on Hamas.

Who targets a hospital and a park? Why? How can these be construed as legitimate targets?

I know the Israelis are denying any involvement, but I find that hard to believe. As soon as the IDF announces that it will investigate the incident, you know the cover-up is being executed.

Has the IDF ever found themselves culpable after one of these investigations? I think not. They just stonewall until the press loses interest - which is always too goddamn quick. The American press has the attention span of a two year old. The Israelis are masters at providing shiny objects to distract them.

Here is some great video of Hamas missiles being intercepted. That's a much better visual than some rubble around a Hospital and some bloody craters in a public park. What were those children doing in that park anyway? Were Hamas operatives hiding under the monkey bars, or the teeter-totter?

I guess the lesson is that parks and hospitals are dangerous places to be Palestinian, just like every other place in Gaza. I'm sick of this slaughter or innocents. I go back to the question I started with; "Who targets a hospital and a park?" What kind of person does this?

I know someone will argue that Hamas launches random missiles into Israel which might harm Israeli children, but in this case, and so many others, someone in an IDF uniform deliberately targeted a hospital and a park, for god;s sake!

How can they justify that? It is beyond my understanding

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