Freshman Democratic Senator of Alaska Mark Begich has a new supporter: reality star Keith Colburn.

Captain Keith Colburn, known as the captain of the "Wizard" on the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" reality show, has come out in his support of Begich.

Colburn, for his part, is backing Begich for a second term.

“I like Sen. Begich,” Colburn said. “He's worked well on both sides of the aisle; he's worked well to support Alaska fisheries, energy. I think he's the right guy for the job.”
When it comes to Democratic policies, especially policies concerning climate change, Captain Colburn is on the front lines. He is seeing the collapse of the Alaskan fisheries up close.... and like all Alaskan crab fisherman Colburn knows the truth of ocean acidification and the sixth extinction.
“We are seeing it,” Colburn said. “In the last decade in Alaska, we've seen three of the warmest temperatures ever for water temperatures in the last hundred years, and we've seen three of the coldest temperature years. We're seeing these huge dips in cycles in our weather patterns in Alaska.”.....
“Some years it's helping us. Cold years we have higher survival rates for our crab,” Colburn said. “When the water warms up, then it's bad news for the crab.”
Combine that with diarist CanisMaximus' excellent expose of how deeply affected Alaska is by the fish die-off and we may clearly be looking at a rebound for Democrats in Alaska.

Anyone concerned about Alaskan wildlife and common-sense environmental policies being enforced can visit Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) here.

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