Perhaps the worst kept secret in America is that Sen. Sanders is thinking about running for President.

Well, he sure sounded like someone who could be running for President, but he is certainly running for a more Just America. His voice on the issues that affect average Americans thundered like the trumpet of justice. It was a beautiful night.

I had the privilege of working with the Senator’s staff to organize the event at the downtown 1199 office. We packed the house with excited and enthusiastic fans of the Senator, which showed their support with more ovations and standing ovations than you could count.

The time of the night that moved me was when coming into the hall, I took the Senator into the kitchen and a Caribbean brother said to the Senator, “Bernie Sanders is truth.” Is there anything more important?

Legendary and iconic 1199 President Henry Nicholas introduced Sen. Sanders with a rallying call for those who, “Love justice more than life and a burning excoriation of the Koch Brothers and a radical right determined to destroy the labor movement.”

Bernie took the podium and leapt into an inspiring, joyous, angry, truth telling, patriotic, worker defending, child defending speech that had us all clapping and on our feet.

Backed by the latest and most solid statistics, Bernie talked about the decline of the middle class, horrible trade deals, the shame of child poverty, veterans’ needs “if we can’t take care of veterans, we shouldn’t send them to war.” He moved to the necessity of healthcare for all.

Bernie went on to talk about every economic justice that we progressives care about.

Then Sen. Sanders spoke about the most important issue of our day–the turning of our democracy into an oligarchy. He went through all the evidence and proof of the new wealth beyond wealth and greed beyond greed into evil.

What a leader we all have from Vermont.

Photo source: @SenSanders

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