I am take aback by the demonization of Israel on this site. People have written how they never will believe anything the Israeli government says; that it is out to commit genocide; that it relishes killing children. I can think of no other nation in the world that would put up with years of a hostile neighbor regularly firing rockets into civilian areas, as Hamas has been firing on Israel. During this tragic war, the Israelis have discovered over 20 tunnels from Gaza into Israel, and credible information of a plot to murder and kidnap Israeli civilians on one of the holiest days of the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah. There are also questions about the origin of the rocket fire that killed the Arab children at the UNRWA school, and an ongoing investigation to ascertain if it was from a Hamas weapon. It was Hamas that rejected the 3 cease-fires, proposed by Egypt and the UN.  And if the Palestinians were such peace-loving people wouldn't Egypt be willing to let them find refuge there? To state that one side is all wrong and the other totally innocent is a gross distortion of the reality.  I pray for the peace of all the children.

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