I have to ask the question given their actions.

It seems that the GOP does not respect the decisions of the American people.  The American people voted for President Obama twice.  By voting for President Obama, the American people were putting their trust in his judgment.  

Twice the GOP offered alternatives to President Obama.  And twice the American people rejected these candidates (and therefore the views of the GOP).  

However, rather than respecting the decision of the American people, the House GOP has done everything possible to stand in the way of the President.  And now they are suing him for taking a reasonable action that is well within his authority.

And if it was up to some members of the GOP, they would actually attempt overturn the will of the American people by moving to impeach the President.

Clearly with their actions they don't respect the decisions of the American people.

And the GOP is trying to gain an advantage by limiting the opportunities for people to vote by enacting voter ID requirements and limiting early voting.

And don't even get me started on Bush v. Gore.

So I have to ask given their actions, why does the GOP hate democracy so much?

I can respect the will of the American people.  And sometimes it means that I might not like the outcome.  But the best thing about our democratic system is that if you don't like the candidate who won the election, you have an opportunity to vote them out in the next election.

The GOP will have the opportunity to nominate another Presidential candidate in 2016.   And this means that they will have the opportunity to try to convince the American people to vote for that candidate rather than the nominee of the Democratic Party.

And if the GOP truly believed in democracy, this is what they would do, rather than suing the President.  

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