Convicted felon, adulterer, pathological liar and America's foremost Asian Alfred E. Neuman impersonator Dinesh D'Souza has plumbed new depths in the RWNJ cesspool.

In an interview with the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios (another prize loon who warns that anti-LGBT windbags are going to be arrested by FBI men in frocks), slippery grifter D'Souza accused President Obama of being ungrateful:

“Here’s the strange thing, you know Obama’s born in America, he’s the walking embodiment of American exceptionalism. If Obama had been born in Kenya like his brother George, he probably would be living in the hut next door in the Huruma slum of Nairobi. And yet even though America has given our president all of this privilege, all of this opportunity, he’s always deriding American exceptionalism,” D’Souza said.

He went on to explain that his movie will expose how “the vast progressive movement that is powerful not just in politics but in education, in media, in Hollywood” has been imposing upon the country a “distorted story of America, a story of American shame that I challenge and refute in this film.”

The hopelessly dim D'Souza is too ignorant of history to grasp that 'exceptionalism' is something claimed by every empire in history, from the Persians 3000 years ago to the British, less than a century ago. And the merciless judgement of history is that it was and is poppycock. But when did being clueless ever stop a grifter grifting? According to Right Wing Watch:
Later in the interview, Rios said she was “amazed” and “mystified” by the “plotting and scheming” of liberals, something that conservatives would never, ever take part in because they are good, honest Christians: “Christians primarily don’t plot like that. We trust God, so we open every day in prayer, we plan our lives — I’m not saying we’re disorganized, but we don’t scheme, we don’t manipulate in the same way. And I find myself wondering if we can ever overcome that kind of skill. They think this life is all there is, so if they don’t control and scheme and manipulate, that is what they think they have to do in this life, in the now.”
Rios is as ignorant of history as the hapless D'Souza if she thinks that Christians don't 'plot' and 'scheme'. Someone should really give her a copy of J.J. Norwich's History of Byzantium (assuming she can read): the plotting and scheming would turn Machiavelli's hair white.

Convict D'Souza's response?:

“Well, we do have truth on our side,” D’Souza insisted. “I do think that we have to fight better, smarter.”
...and so, just for your viewing pleasure, here is convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza fighting 'better' and 'smarter'. Be afraid. Be very afraid:

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