... the pets in Israel.

The poor things seem to be suffering from PTSD, according to a Haaretz tweet:


Photoset: Dogs of war: Animals get PTSD too
Could your pets be suffering from post-traumatic stress...


... and according to Haaretz on tumblr:
Dogs of war: Animals get PTSD too

Could your pets be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? Yes, according to some animal behavioral experts, who have diagnosed and treated the problem in dogs.


... and according to a Haaretz article:
It’s a lazy afternoon. It’s hot and the family’s hanging out. Suddenly a rocket siren shatters the peace. Everybody, including the family’s five dogs, heads promptly but calmly to the reinforced “safe room.” Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv, as the siren wails, D.’s dog pees on the floor in terror. Jasmine’s three cats twitch an ear, at most, but otherwise – nada.


... but Haaretz is concerned about 'the population of Gaza' too. There's even one whole little paragraph about them:
1:02 P.M. Nearly one quarter of the population of Gaza has been displaced over the three weeks of Israel's operation: Some 225,178 people have sought refuge in 86 UNWRA schools across the Strip. The head of UNWRA told Haaretz that the organization has demanded a number of times in recent days that Israel, as an occupying force, deliver the necessary humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.


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This is Gaza. This is alshujaiya

Who will cry for Gaza's children?

"Today, the world stands disgraced."

UN Spokesman Driven to Tears Upon News of Israel Shelling Gaza School

Gaza: Just another day & just another IDF bombing of just another UNRWA school/UN emergency shelter

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