President Obama responded to the lawsuit authorization passed solely by GOP representatives in the House this week. He seemed exacerbated as he described what the lawsuit was about.

“House of Representatives, the Republicans, voted to sue me for taking the actions that we are doing to help families,” President Obama said. “One of the main objections that is the basis of this suit, is us making a temporary modification to the healthcare law that they said needed to be modified. They criticize a provision. We modify it to make it easier for business to transition. And that’s the basis for their suit. You can say this is a harmless political stunt except it wastes America’s time. You guys are all paying for it as taxpayers. It’s not very productive.”

If America had a traditional media that reported accurately, the behavior of this intransigent Congress along with its middle class damaging actions and inactions would make re-election of many members impossible. Unfortunately it is left to the alternate media to get the correct narrative to Americans.

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