Dear Kos,

Let me start by thanking you for letting me post here when I'm not exactly the type of blogger you have in mind. Not that I think you give a shit about my opinion either way, but it deserved to be said.

Now, I understand you have a policy of staying out of I/P diaries and decline to put them on the front page. I don't know if it's for the sake of Blog Hygiene or concern about the shit storm it would create if you contradicted AIPAC or what, but given the enormity of events in Gaza, I wondered if you were ready to change your mind? I was prompted to ask by this development, the Deputy Speaker of Israel's Knesset calling for the people of Gaza to be put into concentration camps and deported to other countries.

Not that I'm worried you agree with such evil. Of course you don't; but there it is, from a major Israeli politician, an explicit call to genocide per international law.  

Haven't things gone far enough to make a statement, and to allow the front page to address the issue explicitly? Isn't this call to genocide something we must all denounce?

So many of us are fed up with the Democratic Establishment's pusillanimous cooperation with what is happening in Palestine right now. Innocent people being killed by the dozens, hundreds, and thousands. Our county is financing Israel's killing in Gaza, our political class is almost universally in agreement with Israel's actions, and now we have a major Israeli politician calling for genocide in a major international forum.

The time has come to speak out.

You could stand against the Establishment's support for the killing. You could elect to become a moral leader and help break the hold of the Israeli and Christian fundamentalist lobbies on our political system. Isn't that worth standing up? There were people who spoke up, despite the political cost, when America was assisting the right wing government of your homeland in the murder of thousands; don't the people of Gaza deserve the same?

I urge you to lead on this issue now rather than stay silent to please the Establishment. Your voice could be one that cracks the issue wide open.

Which side are you on, Kos?

Which side are you on?

Update, 9:03 Eastern: Thanks to all for participating. It's been an hour and a half and I have some Sunday night things to do. I plan to return later in the evening to check all your posts.

Update 2, 10:51pm Eastern: This discussion could have gone one of two ways. It could have been a decent discussion of how to change the silence here that helps protect the Dem Establishment's dedication to Israel (not that I ignored the likely presence of angry pro-Israel posters), or it could have been dominated by angry Israel-firsters.

It went the second way. That's not to say nothing valuable was accomplished by the discussion. The anger at the notion of Kos and the Front Page really looking at I/P shows just how much the Israel-first contingent depends on his silence, demands it, and takes it for granted.

And how much it would mean if he were to break it.

Thanks especially to those of you who offered thoughtful disagreement.

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