The Daily Bucket is a regular feature of the Backyard Science group.  It is a place to note of any observations you have made of the world around you.  Insects, weather, meteorites, climate, birds and/or flowers.  All are worthy additions to the bucket.  Please let us know what is going on around you in a comment.  Include, as close as is comfortable for you, where you are located. Each note is a record that we can refer to in the future as we try to understand the patterns that are quietly unwinding around us.

Castro Valley, CA

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Today I noticed what appear to be three Lesser Goldfinch fledglings. When I reported this to my wife, she told me that she saw a housefinch fledgling yesterday. This seems awful late in the year for fledges, but they are perhaps second or third clutches, possibly due to the ample food provided by us and our neighbor.

August Inventory

 My records are far from what they should be. They are sporadic at best. In part this is due to keeping track of exceptions only, and skipping the repetitious "Today, yet again, I saw no eagles" type of entry. However, that omits the background, the ordinary every day birds hanging out n the yard at this time of year. Here they are:

Lesser and American Goldfinches, plenty of the former and a few of the latter. Mourning doves. Oak Titmice and Chestnut Backed Chickadees. Housefinches. Bewick's Wrens. Anna's Hunningbirds. California Towhees. These are all a constant presence, throughout the whole year, as a matter of fact. Red-breasted Nuthatches are nearby and pop into or through the yard as does the Nuttal's Woodpecker. Sporadic American Crow and Western Scrub Jay noise from within and without the yard.

So, when I say "same old stuff", that's what it is, at least at this time of year, and that is also the baseline at any time of year.


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Thank you.

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