The journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics published a new paper, which has apparently caused confusion in the deniersphere. The subject of the paper is the stratosphere, the layer of atmosphere above the troposphere. The troposphere is where GHGs trap heat, so climate change theory holds that, in response to GHG emissions, the troposphere should warm while the stratosphere cools.

The paper confirms a cooling trend in the stratosphere over the past 52 years, which you'd think deniers wouldn't want to highlight. However, they use this as a chance to claim scientists don't really know what causes stratospheric cooling. In a Hockey Schtick post, the author says, "fans of anthropogenic global warming don't agree as to why GHGs would cause the stratosphere to cool and the troposphere to warm." The post then points out how the paper found a little (not statistically significant) cooling in part of the troposphere in the early 20th century.

What this all amounts to, according to the Hockey Schtick, is that the paper fails to provide evidence for climate change, even though it confirms a prediction of climate science.

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