You may not know Niema's name. She is the little girl featured from about 1min 30 in this video testimony from Jon Snow, chief anchor of Channel 4 News in the UK:
(WARNING: images in this video are distressing)

Tonight C4News has re-visited her story. She is much better and is at home with her father but she is in desperate need of medical evacuation.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, the reporter in tonight's segment, reports in his blog.

Niema’s father told me that the doctors say she has a complex skull fracture and needs reconstructive surgery. They want to get her out of the country to a hospital in Germany.
Like many of the injured in Gaza, the facilities to treat her do not exist or the resources have been exhausted. Israel in a publicity offensive lets a few through the borders for treatment in their hospitals. The need is far greater than that trickle. Niema is the face of the reason the Rafa crossing needs to be fully opened for all movements.

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