Well, I decided to add orange and blue ribbon and hope no Gator fans show up.that aren't kossacks or kogs.. Will try and get a sign with our banner on it to point to the Meetup on adjoining roads.....With no GPS , folks will need it.

Doing the yards tomorrow.
did  the pool today
Did the pressure washing day before yesterday
Getting chairs and all tomorrow
Confirming Guests still
Went to Town Hall meeting and cornered our Kossack Key note speaker and shored up
the canopy
A journalist is coming with Dave Koller
We got  our vets, we got M MJ advocate leaders ,  We got occupier oraganizers, we got politicians, We got our Rev. Robert who does his own NAACP AME Moral Work, We got food, we got Pa sound system, We got natural mosquito repellent, We got Child care,
We got our Kids Free Lemonade and Love our Land Awareness sign ups on Climate Change, We got bloggers, We got speakers, We got swimming, a bonfire ready to build,
We got Skyped in folks, We got tiki lights and fans.  WE GOT OURSELVES A MEETUP !
We got voter registrations..
We have the author of Rick Scott.. Enemy of the State and candidate for congress in Volusia County speaking.

Waiting on scheduler re Charlie Crist.


Ya'll come.  We are taking Florida back.  We don't have Koch money, shoot

we got people power..  Big Money can't buy passion.  We want Sott out of the Statehouse.  We want Medical Marijuana legalized.   We want equal pay.  We want fair wages.  We wamt SYG repealed.   We want Voting rights.  We wamt environmental protections.  We want big business out of control.  We want more and better democrats.
We want people out in record numbers .  We want a higher minimum wage.  We want the Sunshine Law shine and lose the dark murky clouds.  We want clean water, air, no fracking, no drilling, We want solar.  We want reproductive rights.  WE WANT THE TEA PARTY ON THE DEFENSE AND INVISIBLE.  We want an end to all of this racism and disenfranchisment.   We want jobs, funding for education.  WE WANT HEALTHCARE and
MEDICAID EXPANSION.  We want people out voting to make as much of this happen as possible.

You can donate right here !!!

Please help if you can and Big thanks to folks who  have !!!!!!

  We are working this under extraordinary circumstance.
EVERY single person putting this on is running an obstacle course
We have had sickness and death that drained us
Gordon had a biopsy.. needing surgery when getting back
Lynn is still in her Boot for walking and caregiving to her blind amputee husband
and both she and Jack are in pain
Sem Dem's wife is ill ..very ill and he is still working this and coming !!!!!


We will not back down on this marathon !!!!!

6:44 PM PT: Lois Frankel is sending us a letter that Sem Dem will read

and judithanne McLachlan, state senate candidate, is going to Skype at 1:30 for a small 5 min speech and a short Q&A.

Sem Dem's wife is in the hospital and Sem feels we can help her with getting medicaid expansion for the state.. She is on the mend. He is coming

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