Are these real? or phishing organizations?

Like everyone I first assumed they were real.  Then, my inbox quickly got bizarre, which set off my radar. Subject lines like "Hopeless" "We're Doomed" "Devastated" as the subject matter sort of tipped me off.  I thought, what if these are someone else trying to siphon money away from the democratic party. How would I even know?  Perhaps, these aren't even legitimate fund seeking organizations.  Over one day I'd get inquiries of up to 30 a day, multiple different ones from Biden, from Pelosi, from staffers, from Michelle, from Barack, at which point none could be taken seriously.  If they were truly legit, sorry, they simply all got deleted. Didn't want to chance a virus on my hard drive.

Finally I figured it was a Nigerian trying to get me to give my info... Anyone else suffer like this?

(I thought I should have posted it but then talked myself out of it because it was really a dumb idea, but then, after thinking over the harm it could cause, if there really was a threat I thought this place would have enough people that trolls could control the truth.)

Are these fake?  Or is our fund raising ability really that immature and desperate?

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