My dog Millie knows more about foreign relations.

These people want to control the Senate. These people want to control the House... And what are you doing about it?

Are you silent at work? Do you sit quietly when Mr. Tea Party blows gas out his ass, the say to yourself that you will contradict his viewpoint when he isn't there which means never?  Do you read crap in the newspaper, and are silent on the lies you read instead of saying "That's crazy! That is not true, I saw footage showing this is a direct lie."  Do you run from the Democratically chosen commander in chief, because you don't want to counteract untruths about him, because then your friends won't like you anymore and you will be ostracized?

Because if you do any of those things, and don't call out the lies in public, in front of real human beings, you are broadcasting this signal to those who don't know, who don't have the facts, that you silently agree.... Of course you don't.  But does every wavering democrat or independent around you in your daily life, know that?
When you don't jump out and immediately counter a gross untruth, neutral people watching, especially if they already know your sympathies, will assume, "wow, that's strange, wonder why he/she didn't even try to defend the president; I guess they know something I don't know. He must be guilty of the charge; and I thought that charge was over the top; but no one objected. Hmmm.  Maybe I should vote Republican because it must be true in what they say... "

(Having read comments here for 8 years I know that some will jump in and say: Not me, I tell everyone.  That's great but we don't really need to hear how rah-rah you are. Other people do!)  Better instead to give that type of cheer to independents who are still choosing which way to go. What we need here in the form of comments is to give out thoughtful ways, and successful methods and approaches, so those who are more timid at rocking the boat, get ideas on how to lead change.  Is there anyone out there who was once afraid but now no longer is? What did you do?  How has it worked for you? This is something you shouldn't keep to yourself. This is something all need to hear.  

This mid-term election decides the shape of the nation. It is far more relevant than voting for Hillary will be in 2016.  Consider this! If both chambers are in Republican hands, what good can or will Hillary do? Her hands will be tied together tighter than Obama's..
No. THIS ELECTION IS and MUST BE the most important we will probably see in our lifetimes.  In this election you have to vote, and you have to use every skill you got (except harshness), to convince all others that the Republicans are really bad for this country....  They are bad for women (over 50% of the population); they are bad for Hispanics (17% of the population); they are bad for Afro-Americans (12% of the population). They are bad for poor whites (71% of the population)... The only people they are good for, seem to be hedge-fund mangers.

If not for the fact that those Bozo's would have given even more top secret weapons to ISIS, which would now have been used on women and children, who come under their attack before either being beheaded or circumcised... Fortunately,  Democrats were in control and said no. Arming Al Qaeda would be a mistake. These loose cannon Republicans: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayote, are dangerous. Matter of fact, all Republicans are dangerous... This is an overt war for America and if they win, America's middle class must pay repatriations to the top echelon for many, many years hence....  This election IS the most important one we will partake. It sets up the next president!  (I was hoping he last one was, so disappointed). Whoever wins the Oval Office in 2016, must have two Democratic houses to stop dysfunction.  

Now! You get busy and start getting out the vote...

Elections are decided on the ground... If crazies are the only people who vote, and they will, the government will be crazy because that is who voted... There are more sane people than crazies. These following people, who are always wrong, need to forever stay in the minority....

McCain, John (R - AZ)
Sessions, Jeff (R - AL)
Chambliss, Saxby (R - GA)
Wicker, Roger F. (R - MS)
Ayotte, Kelly (R - NH)
Fischer, Deb (R - NE)
Graham, Lindsey (R - SC)
Vitter, David (R - LA)
Blunt, Roy (R - MO)
Lee, Mike (R - UT)
Cruz, Ted (R - TX)
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