Entitled ...

I hear it all the time... entitled. I first heard it when I was 15 some 45 years ago ... they were talking about my generation. How dare we ask for things? How dare we want change? How dare we expected the world to mold to a vision not foisted on us?

Some of us dared? We didn't do what dad and mom did? I for one found happiness in a whole different way. Not involving kids, involving giving back, involving a creative life that I thought only was only for the rich. Yet, all of that is threatened. As consolidation grows the free flow of money tightens, and so does opportunity to find a niche.

So I don't think it is about genX vs millennials vs boomers vs genY

It is sociological, it is class,it is capital,it is the devaluing of labor. It is... we all as a group want the next generation to be millenial ... "entitled" to happiness, good college, home, and all the things the greatest generation had... but it's not happening... I want to complain to... more than complain.

According to Capital* everyone that is not in the 1% will see their wealth, earning power, quality of life drop if things don't change. We all need to feel a little more "entitled". Because we are... we built this place... all of us and the people who are gaining the rewards ... well, they can afford lobbyists, have capital, or has gamed the system. Hard work and or even having a job is becoming rarer and rarer... to the point one may call you "entitled" if you have one.

*Capital in the Twenty First Century" by Thomas Piketty - 2014

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